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2021 November Village View Newsletter
Donna Murphy
Published on: 11/1/2021
Falling leaves may drift by your window and the first frost may nip your toes. There’s still time to grab your coat and hat and have some outdoor fun. Read all about it in this month’s Village View.

· Sisters, sisters. Meet the Dascola’s.
· Virtual tours, concerts, programs, and a special invitation to an Annual Meeting
· Blogs galore – not one, but four!
· 5th annual Red Cross Blood Drive
Seniors in Philly are aging in place with the help of community ‘villages’
Nora Macaluso, For The Inquirer
Published on: 8/23/2021
“I really like to think of it as seniors helping seniors,” one member said. Services range from social hours to help setting up a computer to a ride to a doctor's office.


Penn's Village Presents at Directions for Connection
Published on: 3/16/2021
This is a presentation given by Penn's Village at "Directions for Connection," a symposium on social isolation among older adults, that was sponsored by the Pennsylvania Department of Aging in March, 2021. Our message - that the Penn's Village mission to help our members "connect, engage and thrive" with or without a pandemic - was the perfect launching point for the conference.


2021 October Village View Newsletter
Marketing and Communications
Published on: 10/1/2021
· Read the connection between a long-time ago burglary, a book, and a Penn’s Village member.

· Celebrate Inclusiveness and diversity in programs and holidays this month.
2021 September Village View Newsletter
Published on: 9/2/2021
· Say hello to Farida Pomerantz and goodbye to our summer interns

· Learn what’s opened to explore in person and what’s still virtual

· Explore ways to improve your vision with improved lighting

· Hear from our committees and interest groups and how you can join in
2021 June Village View
Editorial Volunteers
Published on: 6/1/2021
Our first in-person event, a sold-out Happy Hour, was held last week under the shambles at Head House Square. We toasted the beginning of summer, our resilience during the dark days of the pandemic, and now, without masks, our ability to see smiles.

This is our last issue until September, so read slowly and often. In this issue, you will:

· Discover our outstanding programs for June by David Nasaw, Howard Green, Kathleen Rowe Karlyn, and John Whitenight.
· Read about literary giant Philip Roth’s new biography.
· Learn of new indoor and outdoor exhibits, zoom lectures, and summer concerts.
· Get to know PV member Helen Evelev’s fascinating story.
· All that and more!
2021 May Village View
Published on: 5/3/2021
· In-person services re-opening plan

· Managing your blood pressure – Part 2

· Primary election voting information

· Combating Asian American and Pacific-Islander Hate

· Introducing George Trotman
2021 April Village View
Published on: 4/1/2021
· Understanding your Blood Pressure – Part 1

· Virtual programs by Penn Village and other local organizations

· Announcing Penn’s Village Interest Groups

· Book Review: A Promised Land

· Introducing Barbara Clark
2021 March Village View
Published on: 3/1/2021
· Intergenerational Book Club forms

· Scams and frauds

· Penn’s Village Zoom programs and community events

· Book review: Radium Girls: The Dark Story of America’s Shining Women

· Introducing Mike Pulsifer
2021 February Village View
Published on: 2/1/2021
· Penn’s Village celebrates Black History Month

· Announcing our 3rd Annual Town Hall

· Picking a Medical Alert System

· Introducing Sherrill Cresdee
2021 January Village View
Published on: 1/1/2021
· Penn’s Village announced Independence Foundation Grant

· Book review: Parisian Lives: Samuel Beckett, Simone de Beauvoir and Me

· Coping with the pandemic while waiting for the vaccine

· Introducing Mario Oropeza

In The Media

Connecting, Engaging, Thriving during a Pandemic
Kristin Davidson
Published on: 10/12/2020
As the pandemic has impacted all of our lives most dramatically, our more than 100 volunteers were put into immediate action, creatively adapting to serving members in different ways: instead of face-to-face companion get-togethers, pairs met in the park, over Face Time and Zoom; when one member was unexpectedly hospitalized, his daughter across the country asked us to retrieve his eye glasses and cell phone; when in-person weekly program and committee events were no longer possible, we all dived into learning technology and zoomed our way into members’ homes. Thus far, we have provided more than 75 virtual programs, mostly free to our members, volunteers, and guests. Since March, nearly 1,000 people have participated. Penn’s Village mission is to help members in central Philadelphia connect, engage and thrive so they can remain in their own homes as they age, face health issues and deal with loneliness and social isolation exacerbated by this pandemic.
Help Phila.’s aging population combat loneliness
Published on: 12/17/2019
Loneliness may have the same impact on mortality as smoking 15 cigarettes a day, making it
even more dangerous to health than obesity. Recent nationwide studies highlight the close
relationship between social isolation and loneliness and serious health problems — as well as greater mortality.
Volunteer 'health pals' help seniors navigate medical care
Published on: 4/14/2014
An organization that helps Philly residents age in place provides an extra set of eyes and ears at medical appointments.
How Phila. senior communities can protect against coronavirus
Published on: 3/9/2020
While older adults are not a monolith, they face
unique challenges and risks with respect to the coronavirus (COVID-19). Older adults, especially those with certain chronic health conditions, look to be more vulnerable.