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A Very Special Penn’s Village Holiday Celebration!

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Penn's Village friends and neighbors gathered to spread some holiday cheer with music, readings and socializing in keeping with the Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa traditions!

Our celebration featured a special concert by a local violin & piano duo, reading by Penn's Village members Harriette Mishkin, Lois Evans and Lori Dumas, and a performance from Patricia Alsina, our Penn’s Village friend, from her home in Argentina!

Kyle Walker and Katherine Dennis helped us usher in the Holiday season with a cozy program that included a mixture of classical and holiday favorites. Decorate your home with the sounds of brilliant classical composers such as Chevalier, Debussy, Kreisler, and Price. While holiday favorites warm your hearts. 

Kyle and Katherine were brought to Penn's Village by Group Muse.  Group Muse provides intimate musical experiences in the age of social distancing by connecting to great musicians and a warm and welcoming community over live performances streamed into your home. Visit their website to see their full program offerings at

Harriette Mishkin read

The Hanukkah Story

Lois Evans read

A Visit From St. Nicholas

Lori Dumas read

Remembering the Seven Principles of Kwanzaa

Musical Finale Live from Argentina: 

Duo “El Camino,” Patricia Nemirovsky-Alsina and Juan Carlos Rodriguez, sing three South American holiday classics

Comments Capture from the Chat Window:

LD : Beautiful!

JE : They are wonderful - what a great choice to have them!

BM : Wish I could waltz with one of you ladies!

PN : Actually..., having them is our privilege!

LE : absolutely Beautiful!!!

PN : just beautiful!!! 💛💛💛

TN : its been like inside a snowglobe

PN : thank YOU guys for playing for us!!!

JH : What a marvelous concert!

JK : Just what I needed for this Covid Holiday!

PN : excellent Hanukah story! thanks!!!

MM : Thanks Harriette...and our Lois is the best dressed!

LD : Harriette, that was excellent! Thank you for sharing!

LD : Lois looks fantastic!

MM : This has been an amazing evening....just when you think we can't do it...We get even better!  A big Thank you to Molly, Donna and the committee for their amazing talents!

LE : totally agree with you, M!!! It has been spectacular!!! The music is very moving.

MA : Yes, this holiday party is wonderful. Molly, Donna, and the committee put together a lovely event.

JK : I'm so glad that I joined this celebration! Just what I need to put me in the holiday Spirit! Wonderful performances!

AS : beyond great.