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Tackling Family History Projects

December 1, 2020

We all have boxes of family stuff lurking around in closets and attics. Photos, documents, objects...they all tell stories about us and our families. But somehow organizing those boxes and telling those stories often remain elusive. 

Clémence Scouten, founder of Memoirs & More, taught us how to finally tackle family history projects. From archiving to genealogy to storytelling, Clémence walked through different kinds of family history projects and show uu how to tackle each one head on!

After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania and earning an M.A. from the Sorbonne in Paris, Clémence Scouten worked in corporate settings for fifteen years. But something was missing in corporate work. Clémence started her business to help people curate and preserve their family history materials, whether the end product is a memoir, family history book, or an archived collection.