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Digital Photography Series, Module 2

 Managing and Sharing Your Digital Photos on Your Mobile Device

Tuesday, February 11, 2:00 PM


This class is the second in a series where you will learn the basics of taking and managing photos with your iOS (Apple) or Android (Samsung, LG, Huawei, etc.) mobile device camera. This program picks up from our first program and once you have snapped that perfect photo will help you with how to:

  • Find, organize and manage your photos on your digital device
  • Share your awesome photos with family and friends via email, texting, social media and cloud storage

The class is part lecture and part hands-on experience with enough time for questions and answers. This class will not address how to capture/shoot or edit photographs. These topics will be discussed in future classes.



Where do my picture go after I take them?

  • How to look at your photo immediately after you take it
  • Where do your photos reside on your device and how can you see them

Photo Organization

  • We will discuss how your device helps organize your photos by subject, location, person or date and how you can use this organization to find your photos more easily
  • We will show you how to create albums or folders to customize how your photos are organized
  • Favorites and Memories—we will discuss these specialized “albums” that your device creates
  • We will show you how to create slideshows inside your device’s photo app


How can I share them?

  • On your phone via email or messenger as an attachment
  • On your PC via email as attachment or memory stick

    How do I share my photos on social media

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Facebook

Where can I store my photos?

  • On your digital/mobile device
  • Email them to yourself, and save on your computer
  • Store them in a cloud storage app
  • Backup to cloud storage


To make the best use of this workshop, you should bring the mobile device (phone or tablet) that you would like to use to organize and share your pictures. It is assumed that you have a basic working knowledge of how to use the mobile device.


The program will be held in the MacColl Room on the 2nd Floor of the First Presbyterian Church, 201 South 21st StreetPhiladelphia, PA 19103. The entrance is on 21st Street.  There is an elevator for handicapped accessibility. Please let us know in advance if this is needed.

This program is free of charge for Penn’s Village members, volunteers and donors. Guests are welcome to attend up to three programs before being required to join and/or volunteer with Penn’s Village. If you attend as a guest, there is a $10 fee for each program.

Please RSVP online by email or by phone (215) 925-7333. Please cancel if you are unable to make your reservation so there will be room for others.


Penn’s Village supports and actively encourages a diverse and inclusive community of members, staff, Board of Directors and volunteers.