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Penn’s Village Membership Options

Residents of Central Philadelphia of all ages are part of the Penn’s Village Community.  All members may attend our distinctive educational, cultural and social programs and have access to our list of screened member-recommended neighborhood providers such as electricians and home care providers.

  • Villagers pay $600 annually and may receive volunteer provided services such as transportation, errands and friendly visits.  We have limited funding to reduce dues based on need.
  • Neighbors contribute at least $200 annually to support Penn's Village as a vital community resource and may "sample” two volunteer provided services per year.
  • Contributors donate less than $200.Donations are most appreciated.
  • Our Benefactors contribute $1000 or more and are vital to our ongoing ability to serve our community.

Men and women within the Penn’s Village community frequently play multiple and changing roles:  Members are often volunteers; neighbors,  contributors  and volunteers may one day join as Villagers. Businesses are neighbors too!

Volunteer Provided Services 
Our membership application can be printed, filled out by hand and mailed,  or completed on your computer and mailed or emailed.
Membership Application to fill out on your computer   This document will go into the download folder on your computer, can be saved as a Word Document and added as an attachment to your email to